March is the best time for a vasectomy!

Now is the time to get that vasectomy you’ve been putting off!

Get snipped before the NCAA Basketball tournaments and you can kick back and watch basketball for 3 days!

How does it work?

  • Consult and Procedure on the Same Day (Depending on insurance)
  • No Scalpel Procedure Available
  • Get a Free Recovery Kit
  • 3 Days Off – Doctor’s Orders
  • Extended Hours for appointments, including Fridays
  • AND a chance to WIN $500!

$500 Bracket Challenge:
It’s simple. Schedule your vasectomy procedure, and then fill out a bracket for the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

$500 WILL BE AWARDED for the top bracket!

Several ways to enter AFTER you schedule your appointment:

  1. Print out the bracket sheet. official bracket sheet found here. Choose your bracket, then drop off the form to one of our offices listed on this page.
  2. Fax your bracket to 815-409-4754
  3. Scan & email your bracket to
  4. Or fill out your bracket directly online through Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em

VasecTourney 2019 Rules and Bracket.

Questions About No Scalpel Vasectomy?

We are happy to schedule an appointment and take the time to discretely answer all the questions and concerns you may have. If you any have questions about getting a no scalpel vasectomy, visit our FAQ or contact our adult urology experts at Advanced Urology Associates at 815.409.4930 or request an appointment.