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Why Choose Advanced Urology Associates for a Vasectomy?

Unlike many vasectomy clinics in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs, Advanced Urology has 9 board-certified urologists who specialize in male genital anatomy and fertility on hand.

Having a Board Certified Urologist For Your Vasectomy Makes a Difference

If a urologist is medical specialty board-certified, he or she requires the highest standards of training and performance in that specialty. And specialization matters. You wouldn’t call an electrician to fix your toilet and you wouldn’t call a mechanic to paint your house, so why would you have a physician that doesn’t specialize in male genitalia operate on you? With something as important as this, having a board-certified urologist is something we believe helps us provide our patients the best care and treatment possible.

Another reason to chose a board-certified urologist is that even long after the procedure, couples generally feel more relaxed knowing it was performed by a board-certified urologist. That confidence of not having to worry anymore about an unwanted pregnancy often translates into the benefit of an improvement in their sex life.

Why Does Board Certification Matter?

To become board-certified a urologist, a physician must pass a series of rigid examinations specific to their area of practice. Certification includes all domains of urology, including but not limited to pediatric urology, endourology, female urology, andrology, oncology, urolithiasis, and general urology. All certified urologists are trained to evaluate and treat all patients with urological disorders. Patients can be reassured that a board-certified physician is providing some of the best medical care possible, not just for the vasectomy itself, but for anything that might be related to that procedure. For more information, visit The American Board of Urology.

Did you know that it’s possible for doctors to practice medicine without being board certified? At Advanced Urology, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with the best medical care possible. That’s why 9 of our doctors are board certified.

Vasectomy Consultation and Same Day Procedure

We know that most people are extremely busy with work and family life. To help minimize the interruption to your daily life, Advanced Urology offers the option for a consultation and a no scalpel vasectomy in the same day. You can schedule a consultation and a vasectomy on the same day at any of our three locations in New Lenox, Morris, or Joliet.

If you any have questions about getting a no scalpel vasectomy, give us a call at 815-409-4730. We are happy to schedule an appointment and take the time to discretely answer all the questions and concerns you may have.