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Vasectomy and Semen Analysis

Patients have two options for semen analysis, Laboratory Semen Analysis and SpermCheck® Vasectomy Home Monitoring Program.

Laboratory Reference for Semen Analysis

Enclosed is a listing of local laboratories for post-vasectomy semen analysis testing. Prior to submitting the specimen for testing and therefore billing, you should consult your insurance company to determine if your health-care plan is contracted with any specific laboratories for services.

Semen Analysis Laboratory Locations

Laboratory Requirements
Each lab has its own requirements for semen analysis testing. It is important to follow these requirements for each lab to ensure proper results.

Semen analysis at Provena St. Joes Medical Center from Advanced Urology AssociatesPresence Saint Joseph Medical Center

– Specimen must be within one hour of ejaculation.
– Registration (walk-in) is required prior to specimen receipt at the facility – inform registration of time sensitive specimen.
– Container must be labeled with patient name/date/time of ejaculation.
– Physician order must be with the specimen at the time of specimen drop-off.

333 N. Madison St. Joliet, IL 60435
ph: 815.725.7133
Hours: M-TH 12:30PM – 8:00PM
Appointment Required

Semen analysis at Silver Cross Hospital from Advanced Urology AssociatesSilver Cross Hospital

– Contact central scheduling at 815.740.1100 ext. 7076 to set appointment for specimen drop-off.
– Specimen must be within one hour of ejaculation.
– Container must be labeled with patient name/date/time of ejaculation.

1900 Silver Cross Blvd
New Lenox, IL 60451
ph: 815.300.1100
Hours: M-F
Appointment Required

Semen Analysis at Morris Hospital from Advanced Urology AssociatesMorris Hospital

– Specimen must be brought in the same day of ejaculation in the container provided to you.
– Container must be labeled with name/date.
– Physician order must be with the specimen at the time of drop-off at the lab.

150 W. High Street
Morris, IL 60450
ph: 815.942.2932 ext. 4105


SpermCheck® Vasectomy Home Monitoring Program

SpermCheck Vasectomy Semen Analysis from Advanced Urology AssociatesSpermCheck® Vasectomy is the only test on the market cleared by the FDA for home use that provides evidence of a vasectomy’s success or failure. It is accurate, fast, and easy to use. Detailed instructions are included with each test kit. To ensure accurate test results, please read the test instructions thoroughly before performing the test.

Results in Less than 10 Steps

  • Collect semen sample.
  • Allow sample to stand for 20 minutes.
  • Using transfer device, collect enough sample to fill to line on device.
  • Add sample from transfer device to solution bottle.
  • Gently mix solution and sample.
  • Wait 2 minutes.
  • Add 5 drops from solution bottle to sample well on test cassette.
  • Wait 7 minutes.
  • Read results.

SpermCheck Patient Process

  1. Fill out form and fax completed form to 800-506-5461.
  2. Once this form is received, a representative from SpermCheck® will contact the patient to order the required tests as outlined in the protocol. The patient may also order online at
  3. The patient will perform test on dates corresponding to protocol. SpermCheck® will provide reminders to patients of test dates.
  4. Patient will report results to SpermCheck® at 866.635.2309.
  5. SpermCheck® will send patient test result report to clinic.