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The Importance of Getting a Second Opinion

We hesitate to call out the word important because everything, and we mean everything, suddenly seems important when you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We’ve been helping patients at every stage of this process at our Prostate Cancer Center, even providing some helpful tips, but if there’s anything that we think you should consider at the top of your list, it would be these three points.

Here are three important reasons you should always get a second opinion for prostate cancer.

  1. Getting a second opinion is important if your treatment is toxic, invasive or lifelong.
    People will often spend more time researching a pair of headphones or a hotel for the weekend than they will for something that will impact the rest of their life. If a treatment has been recommended that involves something that will affect the quality of how you live long term, taking an extra hour or so to meet with a doctor that could offer a less more insights and knowledge is well worth the time.
  2. Getting a second opinion is an important part of bringing peace of mind.
    Don’t ever underestimate the immense value of having a peace of mind about the decisions you will make. Getting second opinions are routine. So if you’re doctor doesn’t support you getting one, that could be a good sign that their motives aren’t the same as yours. We actually encourage it ourselves. And don’t ever underestimate the peace of mind about the decisions and plan forward you and your medical team will undertake together.
  3. Getting a second opinion can be important to refine the diagnosis or treatment.
    Two brains are better than one. If there’s an opportunity to find an alternative and effective treatment that’s less invasive or long term, take it. Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion, even if you go back to your first doctor to inquire about your new learnings. If you don’t do anything more than verify or confirm your diagnosis or treatment, that’s a win. The potential of finding an even better path forward for you is well worth the small amount of extra time and effort it takes to get it.

Get a Second Opinion at Advanced Urology Associates Today.

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Get a second opinion at Advanced Urology Associates to verify what has been diagnosed and find out what steps forward you have from a prostate cancer center that has been fighting and beating it for over 20 years. Call at 815.409.4957 or request an appointment.