Urgent® PC (Non-Surgical Treatment) for Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Advanced Urology Associates offers bladder confidence and control without drugs or surgery.

Urgent PC is a non-drug, non-surgical option for overactive bladder and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence.

  • Periodic, in-office treatment for long-term relief
  • Works in men and women
  • Low-risk option for most OAB patients
  • Up to 80% of patients improve with treatment
  • May work, even if other treatments have failed

How Does Urgent® PC Work?

The Urgent PC system delivers a specific type of neuromodulation called percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). During treatment, a small, slim needle electrode is inserted near your ankle. The needle electrode is then connected to the battery-powered stimulator. During your 30-min- ute treatment, mild impulses from the stimulator travel through the needle electrode, along your leg and to the nerves in your pelvis that control bladder function. This process is also referred to as neuromodulation.

Urgent® PC produces mild impulses which:

  • Enter through a needle electrode placed near ankle
  • Travel up tibial nerve in the leg
  • Reach nerves responsible for bladder control

What is an Urgent® PC Treatment like?

A slim needle electrode is temporarily placed near the ankle. A device that delivers mild electrical impulses is attached to the electrode. There are twelve 30-minute weekly sessions required to determine your level of response and monthly sessions are used to maintain results.

What Does a Urgent® PC Treatment Feel Like?

Because patients may experience the sensation of the Urgent PC therapy in different ways, it’s difficult to say what the treatment would feel like to you. Patients often describe the sensation as “tingling” or “pulsating.” Treatment is typically well-tolerated by patients. Urgent PC offers many different levels of stimulation, so your clinician will be able to adjust treatment to suit you as well as address any discomfort that you might experience during treatment.

How Often Will I Need Urgent PC Treatments?

You will receive an initial series of 12 treatments scheduled about a week apart. If you respond, you will likely need a treatment about once per month to maintain your improvements.

How Soon Will I See Results with Urgent PC?

Because Urgent PC gently modifies the signals to achieve bladder control, it usually takes 5-7 weeks for symptoms to change. However, patients respond at different rates. In a review of about 100 patients who had success with Urgent PC, symptoms improved anywhere between 2-12 weeks. For about 20% of these patients, the symptoms of urgency and/or urge incontinence didn’t improve until after 8 weeks.

There is no way to anticipate who will respond earlier, later or not at all. That’s why it is important to receive the 12 recommended treatments before you and your physician evaluate whether this therapy is an appropriate and effective choice for you.

Will Urgent® PC Work for Me?

Many studies show up to 80% of patients get better with Urgent® PC treatment. Most Urgent® PC patients go to the bathroom less and have less accidents. In one study, patients got better between 2-12 weeks. For 1 out of 5, it took 8 weeks before they got better.

What Are Risks or Side Effects Associated with Urgent® PC

The risks associated with Urgent® PC therapy are low. Most common side-effects are temporary and include mild pain or skin inflammation at or near the stimulation site.

For more information on side effects talk with your doctor.

Questions About OAB or Treatments?

If you have any questions about OAB or any of the treatments or think a specific treatment is the right option for you, please discuss these options with your physician, request an appointment or contact us today at 815.409.4930.

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Urgent PC Brochure

Learn more about Urgent PC a Non-drug, non-surgical OAB Treatment for men and women.

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“Sometimes it’s a numbed feeling and other times a pulsing or vibrating or a simple, single twitch of a toe”.


Urgent PC Patient

“I usually feel tingling in my toes and the bottom of my foot during treatment. It’s very comfortable and relaxing”.


Urgent PC Patient