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Collagen Injections for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is when one loses the ability to control his or her bladder. It affects millions of American men and women.
While this can be viewed as an embarrassing condition, it’s incredibly common and there are a variety of treatments for it. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for urinary incontinence.

How Do Collagen Injections Work?

Collagen injections are one such treatment for urinary incontinence. With this procedure, collagen is injected around the bladder to expand the bladder neck. The urethra is tighter and it is easier to prevent urine leakage. Injections are performed multiple times initially until leakage stops. The injections are typically needed afterwards if leakage returns.

Not only is this an effective treatment for urinary incontinence, but it’s also an outpatient procedure. Instead of dealing with a major surgery, this treatment helps your bladder perform as it would naturally. If you are interested in this procedure but are allergic to collagen, don’t worry. Other bulking agents can be used in place of collagen. Speak to your doctor to learn more about other options.

Will My Insurance Company Cover the Cost?

The cost of collagen injections for urinary incontinence depends on your insurance coverage and other factors. Speak to your doctor and your insurance provider to learn more.

Questions About Urinary Incontinence or Treatments?

Advanced Urology Associates specializes in incontinence and treatment for men and women.If you suffer from urinary incontinence, it’s important to know there are treatment options out there. Interested in learning more about collagen injections and if it could be right for you? Request an appointment or contact us today at 815.409.4930.