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Cancer Treatment Insurance Plans

Health care in general is expensive and when one is faced with a disease such as prostate cancer, it is natural to be concerned about the costs of treatment. We are sure that you have questions regarding the costs of your treatment. Review the information provided below.


The Financial Aspects of Your Cancer Treatment

Most health insurance plans, including Part B of Medicare, cover charges for radiation therapy. Prior to your treatment, we will call and verify your plan coverage. If you have any financial responsibility beyond your health insurance coverage, we will discuss that with you before treatment and if necessary make appropriate financial arrangements.

Our goal at the Prostate Cancer Center is to ensure that all of your concerns regarding the financial aspects of your care are addressed, so that you can concentrate on getting well. Should you have questions regarding what is billed to Medicare or your health insurance, please let us know. We can arrange for a member of our billing department meet with you privately to discuss any concerns you may have related to your treatment.

Questions About Insurance and Financial Aspects of Your Treament?

Please call 815.409.4930 and request to speak to our billing department.