Us TOO Prostate Cancer Education and Support Group Sponsored by Advanced Urology Associates

Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are looking to learn more about treatment options? Have you had recent treatment for prostate cancer and want to share your experience with others? Do you want to listen, ask specific questions, or meet other patients?

Monthly Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group meetings

Please join us at one or all of our monthly Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group meetings. Our meetings are open to survivors, new patients, family members, caregivers, and any others who are interested in prostate cancer, treatment options, and post-treatment issues.

Our meeting topics vary each month. We strive to bring interesting and relevant information to the group, and we encourage meeting suggestions for your benefit.

US TOO Prostate Cancer Educational topics:

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstration
  • What if “it” returns?
  • Healthy Heart = Healthy Prostate
  • Prostate Cancer Family Ties
  • Post Treatment Incontinence
  • Provenge Immunotherapy
  • The Physics Behind Radiation Therapy
  • Physician guest speakers

We invite you to join one or all of our meetings. The group meets at our Prostate Cancer Center in Joliet on the fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 pm.

Meeting Dates and Location

Mon. Feb. 26
Mon. March 26
Mon. April 23
Mon. May 21
Mon. June 25 Mon. July 23
Mon. Aug. 27
Mon. Sept. 24
Mon. Oct. 22
Mon. Nov. 19
Mon. Dec. 17

Time: 5:30PM
Advanced Urology Associates Prostate Cancer Center
1541 Riverboat Center Drive
Joliet, IL 60431

RSVP: 815.409.4957 or email [email protected]
Walk-Ins Welcome; Refreshments will be served.

Additional Sources of Information


American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute
1.800.4.CANCER (1.800.422.6237)

American Urological Association

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Us Too International, Inc

Us TOO Meeting Location - Prostate Cancer Center - Joliet, Il

Advanced Urology Associates
1541 Riverboat Center Drive
Joliet, IL 60431
Tel: 815.409.4930