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Our Best Three Tips for Getting a Second Opinion

When it comes to prostate cancer, a quality diagnosis and treatment plan is everything.

After decades of diagnosing and treating prostate and only prostate cancer at Advanced Urology Associates, we’ve learned a few things, three of which we are more than happy to share with anyone who we hope it could help. If anything else, take away the simple fact that the better quality information and knowledge you can get, the better off you will be in fighting whatever you are up against.

Our best 3 tips to follow when getting a second opinion after being diagnosed with prostate Cancer

  1. Use the opportunity of a second opinion to foster discussions with another doctor. 
    Let’s say you go to another doctor and they come back with the exact same diagnosis and even treatment plan. Besides giving you the peace of mind of verifying everything, you have a chance to hear their thoughts and opinions. And sharing yours. Even talking through the simplest of questions can be helpful. Discussing what is ahead is a healthy way to prepare for your best outcomes possible.
  2. Don’t get a second opinion from someone who has a direct relation with your first doctor. 
    Friends and colleagues won’t always want to contradict each other, even if it’s merited. Doctors who are in the same practice or hospital group can even have motives that aren’t always in your best interest. We’re not saying that this happens often, but we suggest you don’t take the chance or put yourself in a position where you’re even wondering.
  3. Not all cancers are the same. Find a doctor and team that knows the differences. 
    It matters. There are a lot of cancer centers that are world class in treating brain or breast cancers. But that doesn’t mean they can provide the same knowledge and expertise that comes with prostate cancers. Find a doctor that does nothing but diagnose and treat prostate cancer and utilizes state of the art facilities designed expressly for prostate cancer. All of which we do at Advanced Urology Associates. You’ll find they are able to keep up with and stay ahead of everything that’s going on in the field. And that matters too.

Get a Second Opinion at Advanced Urology Associates Today.

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Get a second opinion at Advanced Urology Associates to verify what has been diagnosed and find out what steps forward you have from a prostate cancer center that has been fighting and beating it for over 20 years. Call at 815.409.4957 or request an appointment.