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Advanced Urology Associates COVID-19 precautions

With COVID-19 becoming a hot topic, we are here to provide our patients with a safe and sterile environment to have their Urological needs met. Please review our new precautions we are adding to our office for the time being.

Please Call Us First
If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever, cough, and shortness of breath or have come into contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please call us and let us know. We want to make sure we are providing a safe and clean environment.

Limit Visitors
We are trying to limit the number of visitors that are coming into our facilities. We understand that some patients need to have family members attend their appointment, however we ask that you limit the amount of people you bring with you. If a person is non-essential to your appointment, we will ask that they stay in our waiting room.

How we’re serving you
We are limiting our contact with you, please understand our new No Handshake policy is to protect yourself and other patients that will be at our practice. Protecting ourselves also ensures that we can continue to provide excellent care each day as the COVID-19 progresses.

Protecting you in our facility
We have arranged our waiting areas to ensure that patients are not sitting directly next to other patients. The space provided is to limit the possible exposure from rubbing elbows. We ask when you are in our facility that you do not move our chairs unless you need to because of accessibility purposes.

We understand if you would like to reschedule your appointment to a later time, however if you are not experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed by the CDC we strongly encourage you to keep your scheduled appointment. We have enhanced our sanitization procedures and we are eliminating paper products available such as magazines.

Your health is important to us, please continue to review the CDC at to see if there are any updates/changes in regards to the virus.