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Is Your Urologist Board Certified?

Here’s why you should check and select one who is.

Nine Board Certified Urologists at Advanced Urology Associates

Anyone needing a specialized surgical procedure or cutting-edge medical care will want to be treated by a physician that has the highest level of training possible, which Board Certification provides. A general practitioner, for example, won’t be as knowledgeable in urology-related patient care as a Board Certified urologist who has received additional training and stayed current with the latest medical advances, including the most up-to-date medications, surgical equipment, and surgical techniques available.

In order to become Board Certified, the physician or physician assistant must go through a rigorous application process, obtain extensive training and experience, and meet a variety of eligibility requirements. Earning Board Certification is one of the highest honors a physician can receive in a particular field of study. Over 12% of urologists in Illinois are not Board Certified.

At Advanced Urology Associates, all nine of their urologists are Board Certified. Drs. Gregory Andros, Thomas Burns, Luke Cho, Gregory Lewis, Ryan Manecke, Constance Marks, Thai Nguyen, Sandeep Sawhney, and Peter Tek have all received this special designation. Physician Assistant Ryan Lewis is also Board Certified by the NCCPA.

Dr. Peter Tek, M.S., D.O., is the most recent recipient of Board Certification. By earning this designation, AUA is now one of the largest urology practices in the state of Illinois to have 100% of its urologists and PAs Board Certified.

Dr. Tek Board Certified Urologist at Advanced Urology Associates

Dr. Peter Tek, M.S., D.O.

“Board Certification means a great deal to me,” explained Dr. Tek. “It represents the highest level of achievement in my field of urology. It is the most difficult pinnacle to reach.” To be Board Certified in a specialty requires many years of training, including graduating from medical school and completing a residency. “The surgeon must also pass written and oral Board exams administered by peers within the specialty,” he added. “The surgeon must stay current with the latest medical standards and continue to pass written exams over time to maintain certification.”

Dr. Tek grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He earned his medical degree at Midwestern University and went on to specialize in Urological Surgery at Franciscan St. James Health, where he served as Chief Resident. Dr. Tek is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Bioengineering in the Department of Medicine at UIC, where he develops cutting-edge medical devices and technologies, has earned multiple patents, publishes in national urology journals, and presents at national urology conferences. He is a member of the American Urological Association, specializing in minimally invasive urologic procedures, Endourology for the treatment of kidney stones, and male sexual health.

Unfortunately for patients, not all urology and vasectomy clinics require Board Certification. When undergoing delicate surgical procedures like vasectomies, or being treated for prostate and bladder issues, it is vital to visit a Board Certified urologist. At Advanced Urology Associates, Board Certified urologists specialize in male genital anatomy and fertility, and are leading the industry with cutting-edge procedures like the no-scalpel vasectomy. Some competitors, including NuMale and independent doctors who claim to treat Erectile Dysfunction and other men’s health issues, have doctors that aren’t Board Certified and aren’t even urologists.

Pursuing treatment with a Board Certified urologist allows patients to feel confident that they’re receiving the best and most highly advanced treatment possible. “Our patients can be assured that all the urologists at AUA practice at the highest level with the most up-to-date medical knowledge and standards,” said Dr. Tek.