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Convenient Same-Day Vasectomy Consultation and Procedure Available

Thomas E. Burns Board Certified Physician at Advanced Urology for No-Scalpel Vasectomy

If you’re considering a vasectomy, or if you’ve already made the decision to go ahead with it, Advanced Urology Associates is now providing a way to squeeze two of the necessary steps into one visit, streamlining the process to save extra travel and waiting time for patients.

A vasectomy is an unbelievably quick and easy procedure; Advanced Urology Associates even offers a no-scalpel method that is performed in their clinic – no hospital visit is required. The no-scalpel procedure is quick and painless, typically lasting under 30 minutes. No-scalpel patients experience a quicker recovery and fewer side effects.

“We begin with a pre-screening consultation over the phone, which lasts approximately 15 minutes,” said Dr. Thomas Burns, Urologist with AUA. “We discuss insurance to avoid any surprises after the fact, and we review the patient’s basic medical history and current medications. We offer educational information, and determine whether they’re a candidate for a same-day procedure.”

The urologist has to ensure the patient isn’t taking Ibuprofen, aspirin, or any blood thinning medications. “We’ll mail the patient information regarding what they can expect when they come in, and it gives them time to stop taking blood-thinning medications, if necessary,” added Dr. Burns. “This applies to any vasectomy procedure, including the no-scalpel method.”

During the appointment, patients receive a physical examination, a blood pressure check, and a detailed explanation of the upcoming procedure. “95% of the time, we work with a local anesthetic, and everything is great,” said Dr. Burns. “But for the 5% that have anxiety about it, we offer additional medication for relaxation. It’s understandable that some patients are fearful; it’s a personal area of the body, and they’re not used to being so open about it. But there’s always a painless way to perform a vasectomy, and the more patients understand about the procedure, the less nervous they are.” For more information, please contact:

Advanced Urology Associates

Joliet: (815) 409-4930

Morris: (815) 941-2990

New Lenox:  (815) 726-3110