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SpaceOAR Offers Convenience, Added Protection for Prostate Cancer Patients

For patients battling prostate cancer, radiation therapy is safe and effective. Precise radiation treatments target the tumor (or cancer cells), requiring the patient to visit their urologist five days a week for nine weeks. During each visit, a rectal balloon is inserted to create space between the prostate and the rectum to lessen the amount of radiation delivered to the organs and tissues near the prostate.
Advanced Urology Associates is proud to be among the first Urology centers in the U.S. to offer SpaceOAR, a breakthrough tissue-sparing technique that offers unprecedented protection for the rectum during radiation treatments. “SpaceOAR is an injected hydrogel that increases the space between the prostate and the rectum from 2 millimeters to 10-14 millimeters,” said Dr. Paul DesRosiers, Radiation Oncologist with Advanced Urology Associates. “It spares the rectum from the full dose of radiation, improving the safety and side effect profile of radiation therapy to the prostate.”

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer offers cure rates similar to surgery. “IMRT uses computer technology to deliver higher doses of radiation to the cancerous cells, and sends lower doses to the surrounding tissues,” added Dr. DesRosiers. “The benefits of IMRT include fewer side effects, precision targeting of cancer cells, and improved after-treatment quality of life. SpaceOAR, a one-time procedure, helps prevent radiation burn in the rectum that causes bleeding, which can be serious for patients taking blood thinners. Diarrhea and other bowel complications are also avoided.

“OAR” stands for Organ at Risk. “SpaceOAR, the first and only prostate cancer spacing device to be approved by the FDA, benefits patients in a meaningful way by replacing the inconvenience of inserting a daily rectal balloon,” said Dr. DesRosiers. “After completion of treatment, the body absorbs the hydrogel made of polyethylene glycol, a non-toxic substance widely used in cosmetics and drugs because it’s well tolerated in the body.” For more information, please contact:

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