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The 3 Most Common Concerns Regarding Men’s Urological Health

The 3 Most Common Concerns Regarding Men’s Urological Health

Hint: They’re all below the belt and above the knees.

It’s not easy for men to discuss what goes on below their belts and above their knees. Urologists are able to answer any questions men have about their private parts; they’re the best ones to contact, because they specialize in that particular area of men’s health. At Advanced Urology Associates, all the urologists and physician’s assistants are Board Certified, which ensures they are very knowledgeable about such matters.

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Is Your Urologist Board Certified?

Is Your Urologist Board Certified?

Here’s why you should check and select one who is
Anyone needing a specialized surgical procedure or cutting-edge medical care will want to be treated by a physician that has the highest level of training possible, which Board Certification provides. A general practitioner, for example, won’t be as knowledgeable in urology-related patient care as a Board Certified urologist who has received additional training and stayed current with the latest medical advances, including the most up-to-date medications, surgical equipment, and surgical techniques available.

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Advanced Urological Care and Cancer Treatment

Advanced Urology Associates provides the highest level of comprehensive diagnosis and care for urologic disorders and diseases.

For over 40 years, our Board Certified specialists have treated adult and pediatric urology patients in clinical centers throughout Illinois. Our health care professionals are devoted to the individual needs of patients with state-of-the-art technology.


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No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Is Vasectomy Right for You?

Vasectomy is a simple, safe procedure that makes a man sterile (unable to father a child). It’s the most effective birth control method for men. There are many good reasons to choose vasectomy. But it is a major step. You and your partner should know all the facts and share in the decision.



Prostate Cancer Screening

Why Should I Have a Prostate Screening Exam?

It is estimated that 26,120 deaths from this disease will occur this year, ranking at the second cause of cancer related deaths. The goal of early detection is to reduce death from prostate cancer in men. Early stage prostate cancer offers many options for treatment and cure.


Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Do You Have an Overactive Bladder?

The American Urological Association estimates that 30% of all men and 40% of all women live with OAB. At Advanced Urology Associates we want to eliminate the stigma that has kept people from seeking help for this condition.


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Advanced Urology Associates have three convenient locations in Joliet, Morris and New Lenox, Illinois

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